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Close-up shot of my zombie Sailor Moon costume by the extremely talented Gord Gallagher! :D

I LOVE going all out for the Zombie Walk. Making zombie costumes is such a great opportunity to get creative and disgusting. The first year I went, I made hanging guts out of glue, paper towel, and paint. For the second year, I made my headcrab zombie costume. This year, I had the idea to create a broken and gory Pure Heart Crystal in a chest wound. Since the owner dies if the crystal is removed for too long or broken, what if in some alternate universe that was the cause for Sailor Moon becoming a zombie? (rather than from a bite or contact with zombie fluids/zombie disease/etc)

Check out my construction notes for the broken Pure Heart Crystal here! I got a bit wordy so I put it behind a cut, plus the finished close-up shots of the piece turned out pretty disgusting.

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